Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Jaque. You will be missed a lot and often. Your big beautiful smile was so contagious. I will miss you twin.

I don't have words right now.

Jaque Villagomez


Here are a few photos from near the end of my Europe trip. These are near and around Libon. Portugal is so beautiful and has so many neat things to see. In Lisbon we stayed with Cassy's cousin Luis (thanks Luis) and his roommates- who were great fun! This first picture is the view from a castle (hence the canon). There are a lot of castles in Portugal, most of them on top of hills which were originally designed that way for self defense, but now make for beautiful views from the top.

Also, Cassy's other cousin Nunu took us to this beautiful park. It is called the Poets Park and is filled with poems of Portugese poets and really amazing architecture.

Another beautiful castle:

Its amazing what friends let you do....

One of the days that Cassy, Jess and I were relaxing in Figuera de Foz, Portugal, Cassy wasn't feeling very well and was sleeping so Jess agreed to let me do a photo shoot of her. She said she was up for anything and I took her up on it. haha. So I did her hair and make-up, we picked out and out fit and out we went. Jess was great, and being that she use to be a photographer she was really easy to work with and -I think- could bear with me as I changed lenses or told her to skooch over just a bit for some cool lighting effect. It was a lot of fun- thanks for being such a great sport Jess!

It's amazing what friends let you do.