Saturday, September 26, 2009

Photography Tip: Composition & Finding Fresh Angles

Photography Tip:Composition

Whether you are a professional photographer, or just taking pictures for fun, give yourself permission to take great images! Get up, get down, move, lean, crouch. During a photoshoot you will often find me climbing up on benches, laying on the ground or standing right over you. I may look a little silly at the time, but the photos make it all worth it! Shooting from different angles can add so much more interest and excitement to your composition.

Don't be afraid to get down and dirty! Crouch, lay flat, or place your subjects high. Getting low can add new excitement and interest to your photos. BE CAREFUL. Shooting from a low angle is not always very flattering, so use your judgment, and if a low angle doesn't work, try another. Remember, we are 3-Dimensional beings-not flat, and there are so many different angles you can shoot from.


Shooting from above can be a very flattering angle. When you shoot a person from above, it brings focus to their eyes and face which can really give life to your images.

Try it out, and let me know how it goes!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Boards & Wheels

Boards & WheelsYesterday I went to a Rip Curl sponsored event called Surfboards in the Sand, down at the Huntington Beach Pier. My good friend Sara came with me and we had a blast photographing all the surfers and their boards. Also, the Wheeland Brothers (and band) were playing along with three other bands. Fun, fun day, down at the beach.

Wheeland Brothers:

They sectioned off a spot on the sand for all the surfers to come bring their boards and stick them in the sand for some epic photos. They even shot one of the pics from this helicopter:

Tons of boards! I was tempted to bring mine and show it off, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to take pics. Can you blame me?

My amazing friend Sara and I.

Friday, September 11, 2009

SoCal Photog ShootOut [August 2009]

SoCal Photog ShootOut [August 2009]I love working with the SoCal ShootOut group- great models and lots of great photographers to mingle with and learn from each other. This last meet up was at the Irvine Regional Park and we had SIX amazing models. Special thanks to all who made this event happen! Hanssie Trainor, Matthew Saville, Tilt n Shift.

The Models:
David Liggett, Rachel Amara, Kaylie Wilson, Amanda Shaw and Mark Laribee and Doug Franco.

Hair and Makeup: All Made Up.
Sponsor; Triple Scoop Music

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Meet the Wheeland Brothers

Meet the Wheeland BrothersA few weeks back I shot the amazing Wheeland Brother's promo pics for their new album "Four Flat Wheels of Fortune." Be sure to check these guys out at their upcoming show at Rip Curl's Surfboards in the Sand event Saturday, Sep 19 at the Huntington Beach Pier. A fellow photographer, Sara Wilkens (for the OC Gazette Magazine), and I will be shooting their show. So stop by and say "hi"!

As you can see, we had a blast at this photoshoot! Tavis, Nathan, Nicole and I headed down to our secret surf spot for some sun, surf, music and photos. These guys really know how to work it in front of the camera too. Haha. Check them out!


We set up our own photobooth amongst the trash- these guys are brilliant:

I know Nate, its a hard decision haha

I even got in a few shots! For those of you who dont know, I just so happen to be dating the great Travis Wheeland of the Wheeland Brothers. ;)