Friday, August 15, 2008


Bonjour everybody!
I finally have the opportunity to update my blog and show you some new pictures. Some time internet places wont let you upload anything, or we dont have time, so finally here we go!
So after our trip to Barcelona, Jessica, Cassy and I flew over to Paris. Paris is a very beautiful city. It had a lot of differences than Barcelona. Barcelona was all about the night life and everyone was out and shopping and drinking and hanging out. In Paris, the shops closed around 7:00pm and there werent as many people out late at night. There we however lots of people still out in front of the Eiffle Tower. We went there the first two nights with a group from our hostel. We met a lot of really nice people from the hostel and ended up doing like everything with them. The second night we went to the hostel was especially fun. We took my blanket and a few bottles of wine and sat out on the lawn until pretty late. The next day we went on a walking tour around the city wich was really helpful and insightful. It also helped us get familiar where things were in the city. We also went to the Caticombs, wich are like these series of tunnels that go underground tht contain over 5 million corpses. Skulls and bones line the walls of the tunnels- its very creepy. On the last full day there we also went to the Louve- wich as you probably know contains a lot of amazing art work, including about 6 of Leonardo DeVinci´s painting- one being one of my favorites of his: Modonna of the Rocks. That was really neat to see. We also spent time window shopping (everything was way too expensive to buy but it was still alot of fun to look).

The clouds have been soo beautiful here.

These are the Caticombs I was talking about... really creepy.

This is me rockin´ the Paris shirt that Travis let me borrow- haha. Thanks Love!

Also in Paris, Cassy and I did a photoshoot of eachother. haha it was a lot of fun and we felt so fashionable being in Paris and all. Here are a few pictures from our shoot:

Here is a sneek peak of Figuera de Foz, Portugal. We just arrived here yesterday, and there will deffinately be more pictures to come because everything is so beautiful here.

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Peter said...

Your photos are fantastic! I can't wait to see more.